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    "Running for a couple of weeks in summer 2005, Orbital focused on the attempts of a Spanish business heiress to keep up with payments on her spacecraft loan with the income from collecting space junk and running errands for building contractors in LEO. Simultaneously, she has to deal with the increasingly erratic “ghost” of a lovesick Indian aerospace engineer – who committed suicide by “uploading” his personality into her vehicle’s mainframe. The two of them got caught up in the attempts of a shadowy business conglomerate to clear squatters from a potentially lucrative piece of orbital real estate by “arranging” for its collision with a fake Indian telecommunications satellite."

    [key texts] Transhuman Space « Justin Pickard (via iamdanw)

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    New Device Automatically Slices and Scans Brains, Then Puts Them Into A Google Map
Destructive mind upload, part one
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