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    I think I bought The Razer Nostromo a year ago, when I was originally looking into replacing my keyboard for shortcuts. I had actually thought about hacking a PS3 controller and re-configuring the functions… but then that seemed like work. It didn’t help that bluetooth adapters weren’t cheap. An xbox controller seemed harder to override Window’s controls.

    The Nostromo turned out to be an excellent purchase, and drawing became markedly smoother with all functions at hand. Anyone else use something similar?

    Some people don’t like the newer Nostromos as much as the original (more solidly built) units, and prefer the Logitech G13. I have a G13, but then I also replaced that awful thumbstick to make the zoom throws I have set on it feel better.

    Also, some people take it a bit far, but whatever works for you.

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      Head on over to the WASDKeyboards website and use the custom keyboard builder to place proper keycaps in the location of...
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